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Chapter 3: Sexual Communication

1: If misunderstanding results from missed meanings while communicating this is called
body language.
2: The three most important forms of nonverbal communication are
proximity, eye contact, and posture
posture, proximity, and hand gestures
proximity, eye contact, and touching
hand gestures, posture, and eye contact
eye contact, touching, and tone
3: A technique for learning to use and become comfortable with sexual language is called
none of the above
4: A placater
gets sidetracked while assessing the messenger
quickly belittles or discounts what she just heard
spend her listening time planning what to say next
agrees with everything she hears to be nice
changes the subject too quickly.
5: The five steps of the basic communication model fall in the following order
idea, encoding, message travels over a channel, decoding, and feedback
idea, decoding, message travels over a channel, bypassing, and encoding
idea, bypassing, decoding, message travels over a channel, feedback, and encoding
idea, feedback, encoding, message travels over a channel, and decoding
message travels over a channel, decoding, feedback, bypassing, and idea
6: When receiving criticism from a partner do all of the above except
Separate your partner's suggestions and recommendations from your self-worth
Thank your partner for being honest enough to bring the concern to you
Assume a non-defensive attitude
Be prepared with criticisms of your partner for when it is your turn
Ask for specific suggestions to help you make the recommended change
7: The key to active listening is to
be constantly thinking of the next thing you should say
paraphrase the words of the speaker to indicate that you comprehend the meaning of the speaker's message
stay as involved as possible in any other activity you are currently performing
look the speaker in the eye
give up your basic rights so that the speaker can achieve his or hers
8: If you are famous for hearing only what you want to hear you are probably a
9: The DESC formula created by Bower and Bower was created to help people
learn how to criticize their partners
understand the communication model
express nonverbal messages
understand the barriers to effective communication
organize assertive verbal responses
10: If your partner is using nonverbal communication alone to communicate with you it is up to you to ask verbally if you are getting the right message.
11: It is uncommon for parents to protect their young children from any and all references to sexuality.
12: It is important to your relationship to be able to give and receive criticism.
13: It is best to have serious conversations just after a sexual encounter.
14: Before one can openly discuss sexuality issues with one's partner, you should allot enough time to talk and be wary of interruptions.
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