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Chapter 17: Sexual Consumerism

1: According to Edwards (1996), all of the following are recommendations for realistic, accurate images of sexuality in the media EXCEPT
dialogue that shows true communication between children and adults.
situations that show planned mature relationships.
situations in which unprotected sexual encounters result in positive repercussions.
situations in which unprotected sexual encounters result in negative repercussions.
None of the above answers are correct.
2: Films in the 1930s, 1940s and the 1950s portray cinematic sexuality through ______ and ______ rather than ______ or ______.
hugs and kisses; touching or physical closeness
dancing and music; MTV or music videos
imagination and perceptions; nudity or sexual activity
comedy or slapstick; violence or sex
None of the above answers are correct.
3: Proponents of sexual explicitness in movies state that _______.
soaring adultery rates can be blamed on films
high divorce rates can be attributed to Hollywood
weak commitments of sexual partners has forced Hollywood to get potential viewers
sexual explicitness in movies is just one sign of our increased openness about sexuality
none of the above answers are correct
4: In 1996 the U. S. government passed legislation banning _______.
obscene material in public libraries
pornography on the internet
sex workers in tourist cities
computer generated depictions of children engaging in sexual conduct
5: Exposure to sexually explicit materials has the potential to _______.
raise levels of the libido
lower levels of the libido
lead to boredom and even depression
turn men into sex offenders
none of the above
6: In exploring the relationship between men's exposure to sexually explicit materials and their attitudes toward women, it can be said that ______.
negative attitudes towards women increase with exposure
positive attitudes towards women decrease with increased exposure
there is no difference between attitudes and exposure
negative attitudes towards women may be deeply ingrained in society
both C and D are correct
7: The report of the Commission on Obscenity and Pornography found the following
there are great differences between male and female sexual responses
Sexually explicit materials do not seem to plant in people's minds ideas or desires that were not there all along.
Filling out questionaires on response to sexually explicit material may be more stimulating than the material itself.
answers B & C
answers A & C
8: There is no difference between obscenity and pornography.
9: Feminists for Free Expression believes that all types of pornography are detrimental to both men and women.
10: Evidence from the Commission on Obscenity and Pornography showed that sexually explicit material might have some educational benefit.
11: Adolescent sex workers are often times running away from poverty, abuse, harassment, and poor home conditions.
12: Call girls are highly paid female sex workers who work by appointment only.
13: Evidence suggest that about 70% of adult videos are rented by women.
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