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Chapter 14: Forcible Sexual Behavior

1: Rape is forcible sexual intercourse with a person who does not give _______.
2: Acquaintance or date rape is rape by a _______, _______, or a(n) ______.
friend, date, spouse.
friend, date, fiance.
friend, date, acquaintance.
friend, father, acquaintance.
spouse, father, fiance.
3: A characteristic which may account for the high incidence of rape in American society is
American women are more independent.
rape is a crime of violence rather than a crime motivated by a desire for sexual gratification.
rape is a crime of passion and shows the woman how much a man loves her.
all of the above
answers A and C
4: Statutory rape is intercourse with
an animal
a date, friend, or acquaintance.
a spouse.
a person under the legal age of consent.
an unknown person.
5: Pedophilia is sexual behavior which
occurs in public.
occurs in private.
uses a child as a sexual object.
uses an inanimate object.
occurs only between adults.
6: Incest is sexual behavior that occurs between
adults and children.
children under the age of legal consent.
animals and people.
relatives who are too closely related to be married.
7: Quid pro quo and "a hostile environment" are two
types of sexual harassment
other ways to describe rape
are types of incest
are types of sexual dysfunctions
none of the above
8: _______ is speech or conduct that can create a hostile environment.
Statutory language
Sexual harrassment
none of the above
9: ______ ______ ______ is a two phase reaction to rape.
Incest Trauma Syndrome
Rape Trauma Syndrome
Rape Tramautic Syndrome
Pedophilia Addict Syndrome
Rape Addict Syndrome
10: ______ ______ can be in the form of sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and economic abuse.
Date abuse
Pedophilia abuse
Statutory rape
Stranger rape
Domestic abuse
11: Some women stay with their husbands who rape them because these women do not have the financial resources to leave their husbands.
12: Since the mid 1970s, the motivation for rape has usually been explained in terms of a seeking of sexual satisfaction rather than hostility or power.
13: An outcome of rape is domination of the victim.
14: The long-term phase of Rape Trauma Syndrome involves reorganization and establishing control.
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