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Chapter 11: Sexuality in Childhood and Adolescence

1: When parents use euphemisms for reproductive parts of the body,
they give their child the message that these are shameful parts.
they introduce a sense of guilt.
feelings of shame or guilt can persist into adulthood.
the child may not be able to communicate possible sexual abuse incidents.
All of the above answers are correct.
2: Between a year and eighteen months
baby boys usually walk.
baby girls usually spend more time playing with dolls.
both baby boys and girls learn the differences between sexes.
babies look at same sex photographs longer.
None of the above
3: Freud''s theory that 3 to 5 year old boys wish to ______ their father and ______ their mother.
idolize, marry
worship, kill
kill, marry
punish, worship
none of the above
4: Freud''s theory, the Electra complex, states that 3 to 5 year old girls
want to kill their father and run away with their mother.
wish they could take their fathers away from their mothers.
question where they came from.
want to marry their father.
None of the above answers are correct.
5: Regarding pre-school children and sex play, it is not harmful if
the children are with an adult
the children are of the same age and stage of development.
each child has the same level of curiosity.
each child knows where babies come from.
All of the above answers are correct.
6: Parents often complain that television programs are too
all of the above
7: Experts define an individual's perception of the main causes of events in life as their locus of control. Specifically, whether they believe their life destiny is controlled by self (internal locus) or by external forces such as fate or other people (external locus).
8: Girls today are experiencing first menstruation ______ than girls growing up three to four decades ago.
at earlier ages
at later ages
at earlier ages, (especially girls in large families)
at earlier ages, (especially girls from urban areas)
at later ages
9: The age of menarche depends on
all of the above
10: During puberty in males the penis will
begin to develop glandular tissue around the shaft.
grow in size
double in size
slowly begin to mature in size and shape.
None of the above answers are correct.
11: Because they look more mature, a special problem early developing girls may encounter includes
adults expect more from them.
adults expect them to act more mature.
feelings of awkwardness.
being teased by classmates.
answers B, C, and D are correct.
12: Normally, nine to twelve-year-olds become obsessed with
the opposite sex
fitting in or being normal.
their appearance
fighting with siblings and parents.
worshipping role models.
13: All of these are myths commonly held as true EXCEPT
half of all teenagers have engaged in sexual intercourse.
the average age of first intercourse has plummeted in the past 5 years.
dressing boys in blue and girls in pink teaches them about their gender.
people become sexual at puberty.
children in elementary school go through a latency period about sexual issues.
14: Pre-school children love their parents intensely and may be confused about whether all love is expressed romantically.
15: Puberty, teenager, and adolescence are interchangeable words.
16: On average, boys begin and end puberty about a year to two years later than girls do.
17: The onset of menarche may be dependent on the proportion of body fat on a teenage girl.
18: Whether parents in America would openly accommodate their teens' first experience of sexual intercourse at home or not, it is happening. Almost ___% of high school students reported in 2007 they have had sexual intercourse.
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